Sheldon Law Firm, founded by Alok Krishna Agarwal in 1989, is a renowned legal establishment committed to delivering exceptional service and surpassing client expectations. We offer comprehensive legal solutions to both Indian and international clients, prioritizing dedication and quality in every aspect of our practice. 

Our team of highly skilled lawyers diligently analyzes our clients' needs and strives to find optimal programmatic solutions tailored to their specific requirements. We understand the importance of technology in modern legal practice and have embraced cutting-edge advancements to ensure seamless client care. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure adheres to international standards and has earned recognition from prestigious institutions.

Our areas of expertise encompass a wide range of fields, including satellite launches, constitutional law, and cryptocurrencies, among others. At Sheldon, we have a team of specialized lawyers and consultants who provide personalized attention and expert guidance to our clients, ensuring their needs are met with utmost care and proficiency.